For you nature lovers, our lovely gardens are home to two great horned owls, song birds such as finches, beautiful hooded orioles, hummingbirds, mourning doves and more. We currently have two hummingbird nests, each with two of the cutest tiny chicks. Flocks of amazon parrots like to alight on our many palms, and not long ago both a falcon and an osprey with fish still flopping in its talons, paid us a visit! (Baja California Sur has the world’s largest population of ospreys) 

We began construction 13 yrs ago and created our own personal paradise we call Hacienda Paraiso de La Paz, a uniquely beautiful, very Mexican styled sanctuary. After 5 years, our dream was completed. As a lark, and after many friends offering their thoughts, we decided to open our world as a B&B never dreaming that we would be tripadvisors #1 rated for the last 7 yrs!

La Paz, “The Pearl” of Baja California Sur, is a phenomenal getaway for those who love the Sea, the Desert, and the Tropics, because of it’s uniqueness, people who Dive, Snorkel, Fish, Kayak, Paddle Board, Kite Surf,  Love Beautiful Beaches, Hike, Bike, Horseback ride, will find a world of adventure.

Of course, our surrounding desert and seas harbor some of the richest biospheres known to man, (ask me and I’ll tell you). If you love to fish, talk to me..I can get you great discounts!

 You owe it to yourself to choose the quality, beauty, and peace of Hacienda Paraiso de La Paz Bed and Breakfast/Inn. Whether it is the full delicious daily Mexican breakfast or the inviting relaxing atmosphere of our property or the extraordinary conversation offered by Richard and Gloria (Richard is particularly well versed on any animal life of the area), you will experience a lifetime of memories on your visit.

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